Expo West Trends and HPPs Nexty Awards Finalists

In brief, Expo West’s Nexty Award finalists are the natural industry’s best, brightest and most promising new CPG brands and a veritable shortlist of natural food trends. From this year’s record number of nominations, New Hope editors selected 74 finalists out of 850 nominated products. This year, HPP’d products included Applegate’s new HPP’d Fresh Sausages and Suja Juice’s new Energy Juice, which features the new HPP Consumer Seal.

JBT/Avure Technologies CMO Lisa Wessels commented, “Last year was the largest Expo West on record with 85,540 attendees from more than 130 countries. This fact reflects the growing consumer demand for clean label foods.”

HPP’d Suja Organic Energy Juice is a Nexty award finalist and features the new “HPP Certified Seal” on its packaging. These organic energy juices combine HPP’d fruits and vegetables with 100 milligrams of caffeine from coffeeberry and guayusa tea. Suja uses organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables in all its products and is one of the first major nationally distributed brands to utilize High Pressure Processing. The company carefully sources as many local ingredients in its juices as possible. (Booth 2209)

Another Nexty award finalist is Applegate’s new HPP’d Fresh Sausages. Applegate is a marketplace leader in the organic and natural meat space, but its new venture, The New Food Collective, takes on ground-breaking efforts by building a new supply chain with regional farmers who raise livestock regeneratively. This results in Applegate supporting small-scale farmers, improving America’s farmland, and in Applegate developing industry standards for regeneratively raised hogs and chickens. By partnering with the Savory Institute, Applegate was able to develop its innovative  “Land-To-Market” standard for regeneratively raised hogs and chickens. Also, the brand has also become the first pork products to be verified by rigorous American Grassfed Association standards. (Booth 549)

“Expo West is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy product trade show. It showcases innovation, and HPP is part of that innovation,” said Wessels. “Because HPP is growing into new categories, we look forward to Expo West and seeing CPG brands using HPP in new ways.” 

We at JBT/Avure look forward to seeing you at the Anaheim Convention Center, March 6-8, at Expo West! For more information visit Expo West.