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Join the HPP Clean Label Revolution Without the Capital Expense

Products boasting clean labels are surging. Consumers are looking for simple, clean ingredients in everything from salsas and smoothies to hummus and deli meats. One of the best ways to achieve a clean label is with high pressure processing (HPP) that uses pure, cold water and ultra high pressure to ensure food safety and dramatically increase shelf life.

But maybe you’re not quite ready to make the expenditure for a full-scale production model HPP machine.

We got you.

JBT-Avure has a network of HPP tollers who can provide all the benefits of HPP with no capital or long-term investment needed. You’ll only pay on a toll basis to use any of the full-size, highest throughput HPP systems our tolling network supplies.

In addition to the great service provided to you by our tollers, you’ll get JBT-Avure’s in-house food science lab and microbiology services. We can work with you to proof and optimize recipes for flavor, texture and safety.

SUBHEAD: Choose a JBT-Avure Toller

It’s important to remember that not all HPP Tollers are created equal. Here are a few reasons to choose a JBT-Avure toll processor.

No overhead or maintenance costs. Along with lower labor costs, insurance fees and other operating expenses, tolling customers have confidence knowing they don’t have to take a 3 a.m. emergency maintenance call.

No capital investment. Manufacturers of all shapes and sizes benefit from cost-effective toll processing. Pay as you go, and enjoy the freedom to adjust capacity and frequency at any time.

Quick startup. Time is money, right? We power our global network of tolling centers with the latest JBT-Avure HPP systems, top-notch engineers and food science experts to help you get your operation up and running as fast as possible.

Redundancy (Guaranteed Availability). Downtime means lost revenue, which is why JBT-Avure toll processors are equipped with guaranteed capacity HPP systems to keep production moving at all costs.

Keep it simple. You supply the product, JBT-Avure’s tollers handle the rest. From logistics to packing and other value-added services, our tolling centers make HPP easy.

To find a JBT-Avure tolling center near you, check out our website

And if you’re an HPP Toller and would like to be featured in Bon Appetit’s monthly Meet the Toller column, drop us a line!