Proseal GT0e

Proseal Fast Response Provides Long Term Solution

A fast-response service from tray sealing specialist Proseal that enabled leading ready meal manufacturer Rowan Foods ltd to maintain production has cemented the working relationship between the two companies and made Proseal the supplier of choice for tray sealing solutions.

Proseal GT1s

From the installation of three Proseal PR30 machines in the late 1990s, which are still in operation to this day, Wrexham-based Rowan Foods ltd now has an additional 23 Proseal tray sealers, comprising GT1, GT0 and GTR models, all delivering the speed, reliability and quality to support the company’s production of ready meals.

In particular, in recent years Rowan Foods turned to Proseal for a solution when the servos failed in seven older machines from a different supplier, which were no longer being supported and therefore were unable to function. 

As well as designing its machines for long term durability and reliability Proseal is committed to supporting all its machines throughout their lifetimes.  Importantly, as the company develops new features in line with changing customer and market requirements, these can also be retrofitted to models already in operation.

This has enabled Rowan Foods to incorporate some of the latest improvements into its older pre-owned models.  Equally important, some of the company’s newest machines are hired rather than owned outright.  This means Rowan Foods does not have to tie up large sums of capital or wait for expenditure approval while also having the advantage of servicing and maintenance costs taken care of.  In addition, after two years, the company is able to exchange the tray sealers for brand new replacement machines featuring the latest technology.

In this way, Rowan Foods can remain at the forefront of new product development and adopt new packaging trends for its customers.

“We knew that Proseal’s machines were of the highest quality from the fact that some of our PR30 machines are still in operation in our factory after 20 years and if maintained and serviced annually will be for some time yet. They just keep on working with great reliability,” comments Rowan Foods’ Engineering Department.

“So, when our other supplier’s tray sealers became obsolete, causing a huge problem for us, we knew we could turn to Proseal for a trusted solution.  We’ve not been disappointed. Our Proseal machines are providing us with outstanding quality as well as a really impressive range of new features.”

Among the various technical advances in Proseal tray sealers, the company’s unique E-seal® technology ensures excellent seal reliability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the food sector. E-seal® provides an increased seal force of 600% while achieving a 92% reduction in energy usage and therefore also delivers valuable cost savings and sustainability benefits.

Proseal GTR

Another innovation, ProMotion, the company’s continuous motion tray infeed system, can increase the speed of a tray sealer by up to 30% through providing a smoother, more stable journey for products into the machine.

All Proseal machines feature a rugged and hygienic construction that is food industry approved and incorporates washdown protection, while user-friendly menus with step-by-step prompts ensure ease of set-up for line operators.  At Rowan Foods, some of the tray sealers are in operation 22 hours a day, seven days a week, producing up to around 60 packs per minute depending on tray size and type.

“We were delighted to have been able to help Rowan Foods out of a tricky situation, getting the best possible sealing machines installed in a very short space of time to replace the company’s original equipment,” comments Carl Cryer, Project Engineer at Proseal.  “The fact they approached us reflects very well on their opinion of Proseal going back decades. 

“For all our customers, we aim to provide the very best in long term aftersales support, so that whatever the requirement – be that a new tool or a new part – we will always take the necessary steps to get them up and running again as quickly as possible.”