Stein JSO-IV Jet Stream® Impingement Oven

The Stein JSO-IV Jet Stream Oven is the most versatile high velocity impingement oven in our JetStream family.  Featuring VaporJET® technology, the JSO-IV incorporates the benefits of thermal fluid heating along with high velocity vertical impingement airflow and condensational heating.  The JSO-IV delivers extremely fast heat transfer rates for maximum production capacity, excellent color development, and the highest possible product yield of any impingement style linear oven.  The use of thermal fluid heat insures unparalleled cooking uniformity. 
  • Designed for full cooking a wide range of coated and uncoated food substrates
  • Two thermal fluid heat exchangers provide two temperature zones and eliminate the by-products of combustion from the product zone
  • The use of thermal fluid heat allows maximum humidity in the cooking process
  • Automatic adjustment of upper plenums from two to six in. to accommodate products of varying height
  • Fully automatic Clean in Place (CIP) system
  • Humitrol-III® for automatic humidity (moisture by volume) control
  • Standard 8.5 ft. long steam heated infeed section

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