Our Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven combines continuous automatic high volume processing with accurate temperature and airflow control for high product yields.  It has a unique combination of flexibility and control for excellent results on a wide range of products from bone-in poultry to steamed vegetables.  The Revoband oven features precisely controlled vertical hot air directed at the product from above and below the belt.  We designed the oven with adjustable fan speed control for each zone to provide unlimited flexibility.

Perfectly suitable for chicken fillets, wings & drumsticks, burgers, nuggets, fish sticks, back bacon, sausages, lasagna and other special applications

Features & Benefits

  • High Velocity air provides consistent color development and uniform cooking results
  • Precise control of temperature and production time for repeatable results
  • Cook with steam and elevated temperature or steam only for process flexibility
  • Indirect heat eliminates by-products of combustion for product zone
  • Integrated CIP Clean-in-Place system for ease of cleaning
  • Custom built to meet exact capacity, footprint, and application requirements


  • Designed for full cooking a wide range of coated and uncoated food substrates.
  • Fully welded stainless steel enclosure
  • Available in 600mm and 1000mm usable belt widths
  • Available with electric drives
  • All metric design available in two configurations, Indirect Gas heat and Classic with thermal fluid or electric heat

Options & Models

  • Indirect Gas Model – Available in custom box lengths and custom widths
  • Classic Model – 5m and 7m long cook lengths
JBT DoubleD Revoband FTC2