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Leading the full-cooking revolution for nearly a half century, our Stein JSO Jet Stream Oven is the industry’s most successful high velocity, vertical airflow, linear impingement style convection oven.  Patented Jet Stream impingement airflow insures unsurpassed cooking uniformity and excellent color development.  The JSO utilizes high velocity vertical jets of hot air to impinge the product from top and bottom for extremely high heat transfer rates, the fastest cook times, and more pounds per hour than any other convection oven.  Over 10 million pounds of high quality protein products are cooked daily on these ovens.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct gas for open flame heating and higher temperatures ideal for flame broiled flavor
  • Indirect gas heating for higher temperature cooking while eliminating by products of combustion from product zone
  • Modular design with 22 ft. long box for wide range of capacities
  • Provides strong oven roasted flavor profile
  • Humitrol-III automatic humidity control for maximum cook yield (moisture by volume)


  • Clam shell hood design with automatic hood lift
  • Adjustable upper plenums from two to six in. from belt
  • Adjustable top and bottom airflow
  • Automatic C.I.P. Clean in Place system
  • Two variable speed VFD circulation fans
  • Two zone heating for precise temperature control
  • 8.5 ft. infeed section with steam input
  • 5.5 ft. discharge section
  • Electric drives only

Options & Models

  • Models:
  • JSO-III 40-22 DG Direct gas
  • JSO-III 40-22 IG Indirect gas
  • Options:
  • Two of four ft. transition chambers for multiple box installations
  • Steam heated infeed sections available in the following lengths:
  • 12.5 ft.
  • 16.5 ft.
  • 20.5 ft.