With its dual-area system, our linear oven stands for maximum efficiency. Two separately adjustable heating areas provide the option of cooking and browning food at the same time using different temperatures. That’ll bring you maximum efficiency in food processing, optimal cooking results and minimal losses of moisture with minimized energy consumption. Different product sizes easily fit into the oven side by side, and the oven allows for consistent cooking results through hot circulating air and/or steam.

Perfectly suitable for  whole chicken, burgers, nuggets, fish sticks, bacon, lasagna, pretzels and other special applications

Features & Benefits

  • Targeted airflow for guaranteeing optimal and uniform heat transfer and browning
  • Precise control of temperature and production time for repeatable results
  • Cook with steam and elevated temperature or steam only for process flexibility
  • Indirect heat eliminates by-products of combustion for product zone
  • Integrated CIP Clean-in-Place system for ease of cleaning
  • Custom built to meet exact capacity, footprint, and application requirements


  • Top-performance heating elements ensure efficient heat transfer. Choose between electrical and thermal oil-powered heating elements in up to 2 different climate zones.
  • The belt wash system continuously cleans the conveyor belt by means of rotating brushes and water spray lances
  • A dew point control ensures a consistent and constantly adjustable climate through a moisture measurement and control system
  • Lecithin soak minimizes product adhesions through simple moistening of the conveyor belt