The alco buffer hopper AST with bottom screw/conveyor shaft is suitable for buffering and conveying various products. For example, the AST can be placed under a discharge housing of an alco mixer AMP or HotCook AHC.

Once an upstream machine has completed the previous process, the product can be discharged very quickly into the buffer hopper, temporarily stored for further processing, and then continuously conveyed to downstream machines. This process significantly increases the hourly output of the upstream (cooking) mixing machine and enables the conversion of a batch process into a continuous process.

Features & Benefits

  • Machine outlet with outlet spigot (incl. pressure boosting) for optimum connection to pump or other downstream machines (other versions of the outlet design are possible)
  • Includes frequency converter for variable conveying speeds
  • Power transmission with gear motor
  • Main bearing separated from the product seal by free space
  • Safety guard above free hopper area
  • Low dead space seals
  • Designed according to the latest hygiene and safety standards

Options & Models

  • Available in sizes of up to 12,000 liters