We offer a variety of vacuum loading options such as the industry’s only full-port 6” and 8” sanitary vacuum load valves and material transfer systems. The modular design allows you to “expand” the system as you grow your business and increase equipment requirements.  Other options include our vacuum loading bins and highly accurate loading cells. Our loading bins are the quickest and safest solution for handling your products. Heavy gauge stainless steel containers integrate simple 6″ or 8″ diameter camloc hoses and feature a steep slope for effortless loading into the Polar Massagers. Bins are either stationary or equipped with casters for maneuverability. Additional load cells can be added for precise product weight verification and control.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom sizes and shapes made to order
  • Captive drain plugs for easy cleaning
  • Automatic or manual valves are available
  • Wolf-tec quality and workmanship

Options & Models

  • 1000-20000 lbs. models available