The AHK lifting and tipping device is used for feeding various machines, such as the alco paddle mixers, the HotCook, or forming machines. Different lifter designs (single/double column) are available for different containers and loads.

The respective bin/container is moved into the lifting fork or entered with the aid of conveyor vehicles. When the button is pressed, the lifting fork with the corresponding container is raised vertically in jog mode and swiveled in the tipping area by approx. 125° via a slotted guide or a tipping roller with swing lever (angle of tipped container approx. 35°). The device is shut down automatically by means of position sensors and a second safety position sensor. Lowering is performed in the same way.

The lifting and tipping device is characterized by a robust and hygienic design.

Features & Benefits

  • Driven by a revolving roller chain in high-grade tempered steel with chain tensioning device and chain breakage fall-down lock
  • Gear motor with direct drive and brake
  • Splash-proof control cabinet beneath a protective hood or in IP66 stainless steel design
  • Manual pushbutton control
  • Position switches and limit switches for tipping position and floor position

Options & Models

  • Available in different sizes and heights
  • A safety guard is mandatory with tipping heights exceeding 2,500 mm