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Our Beltroll Sizer is one of the fastest, most accurate citrus sizing systems available. The sizer is constructed of stainless steel and built for extreme durability, sizing accuracy, speed and versatility.Each sizing module’s movable frame and sizing rollers can be easily raised or lowered with the motor-driven adjustment mechanism.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Better sizing accuracy
  • Increased capacity
  • Increased mechanical reliability
  • Improved belt tracking
  • Easily replaceable wear tracks for belts
  • At full speed, the roller operates at 90 RPM and the belt operates at 250 FPM


  • This sizer adapts to several fruit types and sizes
  • Continuously rotates the fruits as it travels through the sizer
  • Wing diverters attached to each pair of belts prevent fruits from stacking or “piggy backing”