Take advantage of our highly customizable bin tipper system to improve consistency and maximize speed and efficiency

JBT’s FTNON bin tipping system is optimized using the most advanced technologies to boost processing speeds and inject efficiency into your production line(s). Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing processes across a variety of processing applications, the system has a wide range of optional features to accommodate different bin heights and specific production requirements.

In keeping with JBT’s mission to deliver low-maintenance, cost-effective solutions that improve outcomes and simplify processing requirements, our bin tripper system is intuitive to operate and easy to disassemble for cleaning. Designed to transfer a variety of food products from the bin to the line, the system is electronically driven and can rotate up to 175 degrees, ensuring all products are emptied from the bin.

Maximize yield and improve product transfer with JBT FTNON’s advanced bin tipper solutions.

Features & Benefits

Built with versatility and multiple processing applications in mind, some of the primary advantages of the highly customizable JBT FTNON bin tipper system include: 

  • Flexibility of Use – JBT’s bin tipper system offers an array of personalized configurations to meet your production needs. With additional options for bin height as well as the ability to place the bin higher using a forklift system, you can seamlessly integrate the system into your existing lineup. It’s also fitted with an optional knocker system powered by two pneumatic cylinders, allowing for greater automation.
  • Outfeed Conveyor – The bin tipper is equipped with double or single outfeed conveyors to reliably collect all contents of the bin. The conveyor(s) feature high side guards and adjustable speeds controlled through frequency inverters which can be accessed through the bin tipper control panel.
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces – The system offers a sleek and functional construction with stainless steel surfaces, providing optimal performance and a hygienic design. High-quality materials also ensure more reliable resistance to external damage and improve long-term usability.
  • High-Tech Control Panel –  The bin tipper system is fitted with a stainless steel control panel that offers an excellent variety of configurations. The intuitive interface allows the operator control over system performance with minimal training requirements.

Hygienic Design Minimizes Maintenance Needs

JBT’s FTNON hydraulic bin tipper is designed with hygiene, safety, and convenience in mind. The system’s power outfeed conveyor can be de-tensioned with one simple movement. The belt frame can be easily accessed to allow for thorough and trouble-free cleaning. The design utilizes minimal bolted connections and horizontal surfaces, making it nearly impossible for dirt to build up. Areas on the bin tipper machine where connections are not completely welded have wide enough spaces to allow for easy cleaning.

At JBT, we build simplicity and hygienic features into our food-processing machinery so you can focus on what you do best – processing and expanding your operations.


What are the control requirements?

The FTNON bin tipper system features a stainless steel control panel on the main frame with a main isolator, buttons to control up and down movement as well as to stop the machine, an emergency stop button, and a reset button. The controls are simple and intuitive, minimizing training requirements. The infeed of the bin in the system takes place via a hand pallet wagon or a forklift truck. 

How do the double outfeed conveyors work together?

The FTNON bin tipper’s optional double outfeed conveyor setup can be added to your processing line to ensure a more consistent production flow, with high side guards and adjustable speeds. The first conveyor functions as a hopper belt and can collect the full contents of the bin, while the second conveyor operates at a much higher speed to facilitate the process of pulling the product apart. The double conveyor configuration maximizes efficiency and ensures consistent processing speeds.

How big is the bin tipper system?

The system offers maximum bin sizes of 122 cm x 102 cm x 102 cm (48” x 40“ x 40”). The system itself can tip bins up to 2,200 lbs, providing you with greater yield capacity. Outfeed conveyors have an effective width of 1,500 mm (59”), an effective length of 1,400 mm (55”), and an outfeed height of 600 mm (24”).

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