With our mixer, you‘ll get completely homogeneous raw masses in no time. That’s because the innovative standardization technology ensures efficient mixing that also pays off when the product mass is processed further.

A good mixer is essential for standardizing product masses. Foods must be mixed or seasoned together. For this to be done gently and efficiently, you need mixing technology that’s tailored to your product. At JBT ALCO, we don’t only have one mixer but a large variety of models that can be customized according to your requirements. That’s because we know that not all mixing is the same and have continuously developed our double-shaft paddle mixer mixer as well as perfected it over the years. 

Perfectly suitable for meat mixtures, gourmet salads, mixed vegetables, fine foods, plant-based products, sweets, and other special applications

Features & Benefits

  • Two horizontal, parallel mixing waves, the geometry of which is perfectly tailored to the product 
  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Suitable also for sensitive products thanks to gentle mixing tools
  • Dosing device and weighing unit for easy recipe compilation
  • Pneumatically driven discharge flaps for easy emptying into standard transport vehicles or special containers
  • Changeable rotational directions for a perfect mixing result
  • Insulated walls and monitoring of the product temperature
  • Rapid cooling of products through optional vacuum cooling or cryogenic gas
  • Intuitive operation through a touch panel with recipe management
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved materials


  • PLC control to operate the machine in a smart and user-friendly way through a touch panel with functions like recipe management, etc.
  • Cryo-injection cools the product mass by injecting cryo-media like CO2 or nitrogen
  • Vacuum chamber for optimal protein processing or for prevention of gas inclusions in the product
  • Weighing technology allows using the mixer as a batch scale
  • Direct steam injection heats the product mass especially quickly and efficiently