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Food processing often starts with grinding: Count on our experience in the food industry, even when it comes to processing your raw materials into standardized product masses.

With our grinder, you‘ll mince your raw materials evenly, gently, and efficiently! That’s because you’ll only need one process to get your desired product right away thanks to our dual-spiral system. The different separating mechanisms and continuously adjustable production speed can be tailored to your needs and are easy to operate with. Whether standard ground meat or liver, we’ll show you what all our standardization technology can do!

Our grinder minces fresh meat; frozen meat (up to a temperature of -18 °C); vegetable, fish, and cheese blocks; and much more.

With the grinder from JBT ALCO, you’ll get a gentle, precise, and energy-efficient cutting process thanks to intelligent cutting technology. It has a long service life thanks to a robust and closed design, even in continuous operation.

Perfectly suitable for meat, fish, cheese and vegetable blocks, bone-in products

Features & Benefits

  • High-quality end products thanks to different separating mechanisms 
  • Dual-spiral system for optimal processing in just one step
  • Innovative cutting technology for the best results
  • Special belt system for cylindrical products
  • Continuously adjustable processing speed
  • Easy-to-clean design through detachable spirals
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved materials


  • Enormous filling volume with an attachment funnel that can be extended for a larger filling volume
  • Program mode that stores the settings for the mixing processes through PLC control
  • Pre-cutting support frees up the cutting set and reduces wear and tear
  • The separator removes unwanted by-products like tendons, gristles, etc. 
  • A level sensor for the funnel automatically shuts the grinder off as dry-run protection