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Our READYGo EXTRACTION is designed to receive up to 6 t/h of sound and ripe, destalked, sorted and washed (no foreign objects) fruits or vegetables.The line can process a wide range of products, with or without stone according to the line configuration, to produce continuously single strength cloudy juice, smoothies or puree with enzymes inactivated.

Features & Benefits

  • High process flexibility: Hot/Cold extraction selectable by divert plate
  • Wide range of product applications incorporating modules/optionals
  • Pre-engineered and pre-assembled solution: “plug and play” solution
  • Low product oxidation: minimum transfer time between fruit breaking and thermal treatment
  • Reduced installation cost due to pre-assembled solution with limited footprint and simple utility requirements
  • Quick product change over
  • Easy to integrate in an existing line with existing equipment
  • Easy to transport and ground level configuration for easier maintenance and higher safety


  • The solution is studied to work in two possible process configurations, hot or cold extraction, in order to maintain high process flexibility.
  • The fresh and high quality output can be frozen, aseptically packed or HPP treated.