Block Melt Systems are frequently used in the food, dairy, confectionery, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to melt butter, lard, chocolate, waxes, gums and other solid products and retain them in a liquid state.Our rectangular tank design maximizes grate efficiency and eliminates the need for baffles in the agitated tank models.

Features & Benefits

  • Large access openings for loading products in block form onto the melt grates
  • Hinged doors with lift assist
  • Programmed safety interlocks for low level product warnings
  • 20 Operator build-able recipes allow recipe naming and product temperature selection
  • Minimal utility hook-ups
  • Additional features on the 20 and 40 block models
  • Turbine agitation
  • CIP spray ball double stacked assembly per grate


  • Includes a melt tank, heating unit, & control panelTank includes heated melt grates & dimple heat transfer surface20 & 40 block melt tanks include agitators

Options & Models

  • 6 Block Capacity – 60 Gallons Working Volume
  • 20 Block Capacity – 210 Gallons Working Volume
  • 40 Block Capacity – 1,000 Gallons Working Volume