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The READYGo™ JUICE FAMILY has been developed to efficiently process whole fruit extractors on a compact skid.This READYGo JUICE citrus extraction family provides smaller citrus processors with flexible, compact skid-mounted systems in single, double or multiple extractor configurations.Each system receives fruit from a fruit feed system. Their ability to adapt to your processing requirements and your factory layout makes them suitable for processing anything from pre-sized fruit to bulk raw material (after properly washing through a brushwasher).The system includes the capability of delivering the finished juice to a pasteurizer, when short-life product is required, or to a storage facility for further processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple clean-up system in place
  • Same high quality as conventional JBT citrus processing facilities
  • High flexibility with several extractor cup options available
  • Less costly than a traditional custom-designed juice extraction system
  • Small footprint and straightforward utility requirements


  • The READYGo™ JUICE FAMILY system has been developed to process whole citrus such as oranges, lemons grapefruits, tangerines, limes and sweet limes.

Options & Models

  • READYGo JUICE SJE: it can accommodate one JBT citrus juice extractor and is designed to receive fruit-in-feed up to 3 m tons/h
  • READYGo JUICE DJE: it can accommodate two JBT citrus juice extractors and is designed to receive fruit-in-feed up to 6 m tons/h
  • READYGo JUICE MJE: it can accommodate up to six JBT citrus juice extractors. Base Module: 3 Extractor Positions