Product Category

PTNV clippers are designed for pressing and sealing meat products into pre-fabricated casing sections. They are ideal for further processed applications like rolled and boiled ham, bacon, turkey, and chicken. High pressure from a pneumatic clamping device ensures tight filling with no air pockets. The finished product has a firm, even structure and excellent cut appearance.

Features & Benefits

  • Low life-cycle costs due to durable chromium nickel steel and plastic construction
  • Minimal service and maintenance costs
  • Highly stable platform with small footprint
  • Withstands the most rigorous cleaning routines
  • High closure speed supports ergonomic work flow of the operator
  • Low noise level for safer working environment
  • Stepless clip shaping adjustment ensures optimum closure
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available


  • Applications – ham, whole muscle meats, and vegan ham
  • Complies with highest hygiene and safety standards; example, European Machinery Directive and Clipping Machine Norm EN13885

Options & Models

  • Knife for straight, attractive casing ends
  • Maintenance unit for clean control air at correct pressure, reduces maintenance costs