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PRoCARE® Service Overview

JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® is our branded service level agreement, designed to optimize uptime for your JBT TIPPER TIE equipment by offering a range of fully customizable services that can be adapted to both the size and nature of your organization. Keep in mind that before we even begin our preventative care program, we thoroughly inspect your equipment, establishing a good baseline performance level to ensure everything is running as it should from the start.

Our mission is to provide and ensure productivity. The offering is scalable; we offer you uptime, reduced risk, and a flexible and skilled service partner.

PRoCARE - Service & Maintenance | JBT FoodTech


Regular inspections are the basis for safe and reliable operations. Our experienced service technicians will carry out the inspection and provide you with a detailed report that gives you an overview of the status of your equipment together with our recommendation of action.

Emergency Support

A well-maintained machine shouldn’t stop, but if it does, we will do our utmost to get you up and running again. Phone support during business hours is included, as well as remote support via HMI access for the connected equipment, and emergency call-out options can be included.

Spare Parts and Service Discounts

Because service by TIPPER TIE service engineers and original spare parts offer the best advantage for your equipment’s operation, you’ll receive a discount on TIPPER TIE standard spare parts and service.

Emergency Parts on Local Stock

We will compile and review an emergency parts kit to support you and your need for production uptime in the best way possible. For more information on JBT PRoCARE®, click here.

Training Program

By regularly training your personnel, we reinforce best practices in maintenance, operation, and cleaning, and ensure new employees receive appropriate training.

For information regarding parts kits and PRoCARE® Contact JBT TIPPER TIE Customer Service at 800.331.2905