Air-powered 600 and 700 series manual gate clippers provide one-step closing and clipping of difficult, non-food packaging materials like heavy-duty woven propylene and polypropylene shot-bags, plastic, multi-wall laminates, heavy weighted packages, and burlap. The machines assist the operator with one quick continuous motion, gathering the bag neck prior to clipping to securely seal product bags. This increases throughput and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Cross-over clip design provides a seal that remains air and water tight indefinitely in most handling conditions, depending on material
  • Rugged 600/700 series clips will not slip open or break under extreme handling
  • 600/700 series clippers mount easily on a stand or pole and integrate into most packaging processes
  • Efficient, economical, and easy to operate
  • Simple, elegant design makes clippers easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance
  • Ergonomic, horizontal operation enables operator to lift and manage heavy bags with less effort during clipping


  • Applications – industrial explosives chub packages and shot bags, absorbents, erosion control products, landscape materials, and fertilizers

Options & Models

  • Adjustable extension can be mounted on any 25mm diameter pipe