Product Category

The TN 4200 delivers automated, high-powered compression of larger and longer hand-placed meats into fixed diameter packages. The system creates consistently uniform product shapes for maximum slicing yields, while greatly reducing material waste.

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Features & Benefits

  • Single operator reduces labor costs
  • Features lengthy 32” (812 mm) breech with maximum available inside diameter of 7” (178 mm)
  • Flexibility to runs shirred casings, roll stock films or nets
  • Tail length of every package cut to precisely .745” (18.9 mm), positively affecting material savings and playing heavily in machine payback
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available


  • Applications – deli meats, ham, whole muscle meats, netted meats and poultry, vegan deli meats, and vegan ham
  • Unique, fast-acting, servo-powered breech delivers outstanding compression of meats
  • Tough products like beef change shape to fit the horn thanks to the breech system
  • Compression’s benefits include uniform shape and diameter, improved cooking yields, more consistent cooking throughout, and higher slicing yields