Product Category

The TN4001 is designed to be a fast and cost-effective means of packaging one or more hand-placed muscle sections simultaneously. It makes running different product sizes simple and easy, thereby reducing operating costs, and lowering the total cost of ownership. 

Features & Benefits

  • Single operator reduces labor costs
  • 330mm power-assisted manual breech lightly compresses meats into package
  • Speeds of 11 to 13 pieces/minute
  • Practical use of servo technology lowers overall maintenance costs, as well as drastically reducing energy use and noise levels
  • Handles netting with or without collagen film or casing only
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available


  • Applications – deli meats, ham, whole muscle meats, netted meats and poultry, vegan deli meats, and vegan ham
  • Features servo-driven pushing unit
  • Initial push, main travel, and final push can each be programmed, their speeds and motions precisely controlled by operator and repeated for greater product consistency

Options & Models

  • Quick-change breech device available in sizes from 3 – 8” (76 – 203 mm) can be swapped out in as little as 15 minutes
  • Looper available to apply secure string for hanging products