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The TIPPER TIE TN3004 is the next generation in automated netted packaging solutions. Designed to be Faster, More Reliable, More Hygienic, and Smarter. 

The new TN3004 sets the bar for performance and dependability. Ready for maximum automation, the TN3004 can be robot fed to reduce human interaction and exposure to Covid-19.  By improving the programming of the machine to eliminate waste, the TN3004 provides increased output without just running the machine faster and wearing parts out sooner.  A modernized conveyor system combined with this improved programming allows the TN3004 to handle up to 12 pieces per minute without unnecessary wear on the machine. High torque multi-pole motors replace older style pneumatic motors, providing better control and reducing the need for compressed air.  The TN3004 uses a new innovative I-beam frame design and all sheet metal construction.  This allows for greater access to operating areas for easier, more efficient cleaning.  Gone are the closed tubing and hidden areas that were harborages for microbial growth.

Our “Always Aligned” printer tray allows quick removal of the printer during cleaning and instant realignment when replaced, removing the need to bag the printer during sanitation and eliminating damaged printers.

The new TN3004 has a more sophisticated labeling system.  Incorporating a Sigma IPC and LabelPak software, this new system utilizes management view, allowing you to manage several systems all from a single chair.  The system also includes an Auto Grade feature which allows you to sort product on the fly to fill orders in a more efficient manner. Whether you are using multiple machines to fill one order or multiple orders filled on one machine, the TN3004 has the smarts to handle it.   


  • Automatic handle maker.
  • Automatic netting system.
  • Automatic double-clipper.
  • Built-in printer or tagger (optional).
  • Allen Bradley controls.
  • Electric conveyor feed system.
  • Requires only one operator.
  • Constructed from stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.


  • Improved operator safety by eliminating manual handle twisting.
  • Operator fatigue is virtually eliminated by minimal product handling.
  • Labor savings with a single operator.
  • Additional savings via use of right and left-hand units, allowing one operator to feed two machines.
  • Netting waste eliminated with consistently tight-fitted packaging and uniform handle making.
  • Tags can be preprinted with standard product information on one side and real-time production data like weight, date, and lot number on the other.
  • Longer production runs achievable using spool clips.
  • More complete and easier cleaning from hygienic design.
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available