Product Category

The REB Series and the TIPPER TIE TN4001 and the TIPPER TIE RS4204: The REB Rucker series are fully pneumatic ruckers that run a variety of materials and are flexible enough to operate effectively in some manual-load production environments or automated netting operations. 

Features & Benefits

  • Robust, stainless steel construction
  • Simple maintenance
  • Run elastic pattern nets and some stocking nets
  • Accommodate round horns
  • Fixed grippers
  • Horn travels up and down to load


  • Applications – deli meats, ham, whole muscle meats, meat and poultry products, whole birds, vegan deli meats, vegan ham, pet food treats, shellfish, cheese, and fruits and vegetables
  • Adjustable brakes correspond to an array of horn diameters
  • Two pressure regulators enable tight or loosely packed netting

Options & Models

  • REB1
  • Fits numerous common length horns
  • Adaptable enough for use in manual-load and automated netting processes
  • REB2
  • Taller and uses longer netting horns