Product Category

The RS4204 family of clippers is designed for fast, efficient production of any product within its sizer range. A top performer in meat and poultry packaging, the machine accommodates all known casings and netting, as well as every pumping system on the market. Speeds up to 50 cycles start-stop operation, combined with a reliable clip closing system, create an unmatched advantage in productivity.

Features & Benefits


  • Applications – sausage, deli meats and ham; fresh ground meats; whole muscle meats; netted meats; non-meat sausage, hams, and deli meats; fresh ground fish; surimi/fish sausage paste; raw/frozen/refrigerated pet food; pumpable cheese; soup; sauce; ground fruits and vegetables
  • High-strength, durable voider system easily handles products of all densities especially solid products like whole hams
  • Cushion system smoothly closes sensitive casings
  • Portion length stop delivers precise stuffing to a repeatable length increasing slicing yield and reducing rework
  • Touch screen interface, supported by a sophisticated color guiding system, enables easy programming and operation
  • Operating system stores an unlimited number of recipes for quick product changeovers
  • Diagnostic system enables a check of every work step when needed

Options & Models

  • Looper
  • Mirror image machines enable one operator to run multiple machines, saving labor
  • RS4204CM (Collagen Model) – Automatically applies collagen film and elastic netting to pumpable pork and poultry products creating an attractive surface pattern for hand-crafted appearance
  • Slack Fill System produces unique shapes like D-shape or square product
  • Vacuum System creates tight, air-free products
  • Horn sizes up to 100mm accommodate customers’ unique requirements