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Our all new SVU6800 is the culmination of years of success with the RS line of high performance automated double clippers. The SVU6800 is designed for versatility and dependability and is the ideal clipper machine for difficult to run whole muscle and large products, heavy hung smoked or dried sausages, and salami. All known casings and nettings are accommodated including difficult to run spiced casings. The SVU6800 is also compatible with every pumping system on the market. From meat and poultry to dairy products and even commercial explosives, the SVU6800 can produce any product with-in the specified range.

Features & Benefits

  • By benchmarking the SVU6800 for versatility and power, and leveraging the efficient mechanical design of the SV4800 and DCSV5000, TIPPER TIE has raised the bar for large clipping machines. 
  • The SVU6800 can accommodate products in a range from 50-200mm in diameter and can be equipped with an optional slack fill for up to 300mm of additional air free overspreading. The SVU6800 is fast with a best in class start-stop speed up to 65 pieces/minute.
  • The clip closing system of the SVU6800 has a simulated cushion function for sensitive casings and an overload protection to prevent machine damage in the event of improper operation.  The SVU6800 utilizes either the exceptionally strong ZR400 series clips (providing security for mid-sized to large products and the thickest casings) OR it can be equipped to use the E400 series clip (the ideal clip for mid-sized and large heavy hung products). 
  • The available looper is capable of achieving 45 loops per minute and can be set up as either a first tie side or second tie side to accommodate any floor layout. A typical clipper clips only one string of loop (loop first) but the SVU6800 can hang heavier products by utilizing the BF series loops available in 3 and 4 ply configurations and the knot first loop application under the clip. 
  • The optional PRK 2 horn turret is another productivity enhancing option. The parallel turret will significantly reduce the time it takes to change casing increasing daily throughput.
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available


  • The SVU6800 is all about maximum up time and a low total cost of ownership, designed with long service intervals in mind. The SVU6800 utilizes cam followers that are significantly larger than anything offered in the past and hardened cams for the critically important tasks around the voider and the clipping cycle. 
  • The SVU6800 is designed with hygienic efficiency and ease of maintenance in mind. The direct drive motor eliminates all belts and chains to minimize potential failure points and avoids the hygienic headache of a belt /chain near the product area. Centralized grease points make the SVU6800 very easy to care for, ensuring durable and worry-free operation. There is no closed tubing or framing. All exterior surfaces are smooth, easy to clean, and angled to prevent water pooling. Easy access guards at the front and the back make troubleshooting and rebuilds mechanic friendly.

Options & Models

  • Looper – Many processes require hanging of the product. For these applications, the SVU6800 is available with a looper that is fed during the clipping process. The system is designed for heavy product weights. Designed to fit existing production flows, the looper can be configured for 1st or 2nd tie side application. Capable of up to 45 loops per minute.
  • Horn Mounting – The SVU6800 can be configured with a 60mm or 100mm easy clean rotor. The optional S-curve skin brake assistant makes casing changes easy, optimal for productivity savings. The optional twin turret PRK system cuts nonproductive time to the minimum and is able to accommodate horns up to 1000mm long for maximum production time. 
  • Slack Fill System – Another processing option are unique shapes such as a D-shape or square product. These can be achieved with the SVU6800’s optional Slack Fill System. Tight, air-free products are possible with a JBT TIPPER TIE optional vacuum horn system.
  • Other options include registration to clip on an eye mark, length stops, end of casing switches, LED lighting, and Siemens or AB controls.
  • Many horn sizes are available to accommodate each customer’s unique requirements, up to a diameter of 100 mm (4″).
Two Perfect Team Players: The SCHRÖDER HAMAX and the TIPPER TIE SVU6800 – automated solutions for filling whole muscle pieces.