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THE RLW and the TIPPER TIE TN 3004: The new RLW model is the next generation in rucker technology for precision filling of chutes.  This all-electric model is ideal for extruded nets and loose weave style nets that are less elastic.  It offers the option of either wheels or brushes as the medium for rucking the netting material.  It offers a simple set timer operation allowing you to set it and walk away.  You no longer need to stand and monitor the rucking for fear the chute will be overloaded, the rucker will stop automatically once the runtime is complete.

The RLW offers the highest level of safety.  The chute is enclosed inside the machine protecting the operator.  The rucker works with chute sizes up to 14 inches (355.6mm) and is flexible to different chute types and sizes.  The RLW handles rolls of netting up to 26” long and 18” in diameter.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Service and maintenance friendly
  • Manages extruded nets and loose weave style nets that are less elastic
  • Handles chute sizes up to 355.6mm
  • Versatile chute design works easily with other types and sizes


  • Applications – deli meats, ham, whole muscle meats, meat and poultry products, whole birds, vegan deli meats, vegan ham, pet food treats, shellfish, cheese, and fruits and vegetables
  • Effective design uses two-button operation that includes safety features of earlier models
  • Works well with triangular or similar shaped horns due to wheels – not grippers – that hold and move netting