The TN3003 is an automated packaging system that delivers significant production value by reducing netting waste, lowering labor costs, and minimizing product handling. This simple to use machine requires only a single operator to place product on a conveyor. Weighing, tagging, clipping and the application of a looped handle are done automatically, producing a tightly netted package. 

Features & Benefits

  • Netting waste eliminated with consistently tight-fitted packaging and automatic, uniform handle making
  • Operator fatigue virtually eliminated by minimized product handling
  • PLC controls
  • Tags preprinted with standard product information on one side and real-time data like weight, date, and lot number on the other
  • Conveyor feed system
  • Additional savings from using right and left-hand units enabling one operator to feed two machines
  • Longer production runs achievable using Z300 spool clips
  • Stainless steel / non-corrosive materials construction


  • Applications – deli meats, ham, netted meats and poultry, vegan deli meats, vegan ham, netted shellfish, pet food treats, and netted cheese
  • More complete and easier cleaning from hygienic design

Options & Models

  • Scale and printer/tagger combination
  • Right hand or left handed configurations