USA: Sandusky, OH

Food Processing Technology & Training Center

JBT Corporations 30,000 sq. ft. Food Processing Technology & Training Center in Sandusky, Ohio has been a focal point for equipment and process development and evaluation since it opened in 1996.

A skilled and experienced staff utilize full-sized water-jet cutting, breading, frying, oven cooking and freezing equipment supplemented by mixers, grinders, blenders, belt flatteners, Teflon® belt grills, steam chambers, char-markers and conveyors.

These resources, along with chilled and frozen storage facilities, assure the processor that their process can be reliably duplicated and studied. Lessons learned in the Technical Center are carried back to processing plants around the world, but always with the highest regards for confidentiality.

The equipment provided in the Technical Center is updated on a regular basis to assure users that they are seeing the latest features and innovations. A fully equipped training facility is available to host groups of up to 30 people for special training programs. A schedule of basic applications courses are offered in the areas of coating, frying and oven cooking.

JBT Technical School

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