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JBT Proseal Test Kitchen Facility

Proseal Test Kitchen Facility - Mancherster (UK) | JBT FoodTech

The Test Kitchen facility in Mancherster (UK) offers technologies and services in order to produce samples for retailer product launches, shelf-life trials and seal-integrity testing.

Tray Sealing Solutions

The Test Kitchen facilities can be utilized to facilitate a smooth product launch by all Proseal customers, without investment in costly machinery. We invite customers and guests to bring their products to our Test Kitchen where we are able to replicate the necessary packaging production conditions.

With the ability to seal over 35,000 variants of tray shapes and sizes, allied with suitable top films we are armed to help and advise new and existing users in this ever-developing sector.

Testing is available for:

  • Materials Validation
  • Peelability Testing
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Trials
  • Skin and Vacuum Trials
  • New Product Testing
  • Process Testing
  • R&D
  • Presentation Samples


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