Sweden: Helsingborg

JBT Food Technology Center (FTC) for Protein

RTC: Sweden, Helsingborg - Protein | JBT FoodTech

For over 60 years JBT’s Food Technology Centers have been a popular destination for hundreds of food processors throughout the world.

Inspection Freezer

The center in Helsingborg (Sweden) was one of the first centers capable of providing training and equipment demonstrations to develop new product ideas and enhance existing processes.

Experienced staff with access to over 10.000 database applications combine their knowledge with product demonstration and equipment advantages to deliver exciting new processes to a wide range of products.

The 2000 m2 Food Tech Center in Helsingborg is equipped with fully functioning JBT processing equipment:

  • DSI portioning equipment
  • Stein Coating equipment
  • Stein Fryer
  • Stein TwinDrum oven
  • Double D high impingement oven and chargrill barmarker
  • Formcook Contact Cooker and Combi Cooker
  • Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT freezer, Advantec impingement freezer, SuperContact, Crust Freezer

Where possible we can also provide on-site demonstrations of in your own facility. To make reservations for the FTCs, contact your local JBT office.


JBT Technical School

JBT organizes a wide range of certified training courses: click here to get more information


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