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JBT Research Technology Center for Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Thermal Processing and HPP Systems

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The Research and Technology Center in Puebla (Mèxico) offers technologies and services for the food industry broadly in three areas: Fruit and Vegetable, Thermal processing and HPP Systems.

Fruit and Vegetable processing

Currently the Puebla RTC is equipped with three commercial JBT extractors (Model 391 and 593), a Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi-Fruit Juicer, a screw finisher, a paddle finisher, and an FTE Turbo Finisher.

The RTC is equipped to simulate many of the processes found in the modern commercial food processing industries. The facility is equipped with sophisticated laboratory instruments prepared to perform quality investigations and physicochemical analysis to analyze fruit, juice and pulp products as established by the USA, European and Mexico regulatory authorities and the market’s demanding requirements.

JBT’s READYGo FVP (Fruit and Vegetable Processing) skid is a process system for making cold-extracted juices from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Puebla RTC offers the following services for the Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry:

  • Monthly citrus characterization program: Generate monthly yield and quality reports. These reports are then sent via our JuiceLines monthly e-mail distribution to help customers optimize their production facilities.
  • Process Audits: JBT process experts can visit production facilities to review the process line and give support to improve and optimize processes.
  • Specific Tests at RTC: Our Food Scientists and Process Engineers can work with the customers to develop new product and process formulations to address the changing market requirements.
  • Training: Another value provided by the RTC is a training facility and specific testing for customers with new raw materials and process optimization. Here customer personnel can learn about scientific processes and procedures, laboratory equipment, equipment operations, and much more. A fully equipped training facility is available to host groups of up to 25 people for special training programs

Thermal processing systems

Our Thermal Pilot facility has the capability to batch products in our thermal laboratory and then perform the required heat penetration studies in a laboratory sterilizer.

The lab is equipped with the most modern measurement technology for thermal process data collection – for batch and continuous systems – and data analysis. Pilot equipment for food product preparation, filling and seaming on the semi-industrial scale is also available.

HPP High-Pressure Processing:

The Puebla facility is also capable of running HPP trials on its JBT Avure lab scale system. In addition to the actual high pressure processing of the food and/or beverage, the lab is also equipped to run organoleptic and sensory tests in order to determine the shelf life of the following products:

  • Wet Salads and Dips
  • Ready-To-Eat Meals
  • Meat
  • Beverages and Juices
  • Vegetables
  • Avocados
  • Seafood

JBT Technical School

JBT organizes a wide range of certified training courses: click here to get more information


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