Brazil: Araraquara

JBT Research Technology Center for Fruit & Vegetable Processing

RTC: Brazil, Araraquara - Fruit and Vegetable Processing | JBT FoodTech

Our South American Center of Excellence for fruit and vegetable processing technology. The Research and Technology Center in Araraquara is equipped with sophisticated laboratory instruments prepared to perform quality investigations and physical chemistry analysis as established by U.S., European and Asian regulatory authorities and demanding market requirements.

The quality of our investigations are assured by using sound scientific practices and procedures that consistently use methodologies and statistics to properly plan the experiments and analyze the results.

For many years JBT has continuously invested in extensive scientific research to continue development on the many aspects of the citrus extraction process. Our researchers and engineers stand firmly committed to conducting market-driven research giving JBT customers a sustainable competitive advantage in their respective citrus processing markets.

The Araraquara Research and Technology Center offers the following services for the Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry:

  • Monthly citrus characterization program generates monthly yield and quality reports with the reports distributed to customers via our JuiceLines™ monthly e-mail
  • Process Audits
  • Training

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