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JBT Research Technology Center for Aseptic Systems

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Our Center of Excellence for Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processing, blow molding and retail aseptic filling.

The SF&DS Sterideal® Coil is JBT’s unique concept for heating liquids to sterilize a wide variety of products at UHT. With the Sterideal lab unit you can select the optimal thermal process (direct or indirect) for your dairy products, juices, sauces, soups, baby food and nutraceuticals.

A validation of the impact of the heat treatment as well as the best industrial machine set-up for your specific products can also be conducted. Batching and blending facilities are available as well.

With our SF&DS AsepTec® demo machine we can test various processes for your product and package combination on our linear aseptic filler in HDPE or PET bottles with an aluminum seal or a standard aseptic screw cap. With our demo BottleTec™ blow molder we can produce a wide variety of HDPE bottle shapes and sizes.

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