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Our Research and Technology Center in Riverside, California is committed to conducting thorough research using sound protocol development, scientific methodology, and statistical analysis of results.

Hands on scale-up to validate that what is observed in the laboratory is applicable to the production and industry environments is also an important stage in our product development.

Our in-house residue analysis program is designed to ensure that our field application of fungicides meets our quality standards – verifying that enough residue is present to provide decay control, without being excessive or exceeding domestic and international Maximum Residue Limits set by government regulations.

We provide value through:

  • Formulation of new high performance coatings to meet the needs of various markets and commodities (internal quality, appearance, moisture loss control, regulatory approval, etc.). During development, coatings are subjected to custom designed laboratory procedures designed to mimic real world handling conditions, from the packhouse to the final market, to ensure they will perform.
  • Rigorous evaluation of new decay control chemicals and other postharvest products (such as sanitizers, application equipment, etc.) to ensure performance under a wide variety of conditions, compatibility with existing customer processes, and an understanding of the product’s value and limitations.
  • Scientific support to JBT’s production, sales, engineering, and field services teams to bring a critical eye and scientific process to problem solving, product design, new opportunities, etc.
  • Reliable residue analysis services for several postharvest fungicides, on many varieties of produce and in water and postharvest coating mixtures. Gas chromatograpy, UV/Visible spectrophotometry, and Mass Spectrophotometry instrumentation is employed, with an emphasis on using the technology that provides the most reliable result for a given fungicide chemistry.
  • Production of fungicide amended agar plates for fungicide resistance analysis. In addition to single level (discriminatory dose) plates, we have spiral plating technology, which allows for production of plates with concentration gradients. This is particularly valuable in assessing early resistance development when new fungicides are first introduced.

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