Our Wolf-tec/Polar PSM-650 meat press is a key mechanical treatment to enhance injection and cooking yields on whole muscle meats. We use the pressing method to relax the muscle structure resulting in improved marinate dispersion and absorption. The system can be operated pre- or post-injection process.  The PSM-650 meat press provides a gentle roller operated compression process to relax beef or pork muscles improving the overall marination process. The meat is released by specially formed rollers which rotate against each other. The stretching and breaking of the muscle structure leads to a number of benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • Benefits:
  • Improved injection yields
  • Less purge
  • Complete brine and meat juice absorption during massaging process
  • Shorter massaging times
  • Better stuffing and cooking yields
  • Filling, insertion and cooking properties are improved
  • Higher product uniformity within a batch