Our Prime Chicken Keel Cleaning System efficiently separates meat from cut chicken keels, producing a clean keel product that is ready for shipment or processing. Keels are pumped to a specially designed picker-scalder, where heated water and fingers separate the meat. Keels flow to processing, while the process water is screened to remove solids and re-circulated back to the picker-scalder for water and BTU savings.

Features & Benefits

  • Separates meat from cut keel
  • Prepares clean keels for processing
  • Screen/tank system separates meat from process water and re-heats water for re-use
  • Complete system for keel cleaning offers high through-put and ease of use
  • Water separation tank is designed to conserve water and heat for low cost of use


  • Electrical Requirements:
  • KPS-1: Drive- (1) 15 hp, 480V, 3 ph, 60 Hz
  • Spray bar pump- (2) 7.5 hp
  • LPS-112: Drive – (1) 1.3 hp, 480V, 3 ph, 60hz
  • Spray bar pump – (1) 20 hp
  • Steam Unit Requirements: Electrical: 20V, 1 ph, 10 amps
  • Air Requirements: 100 psi 1/4-inch NPT connection
  • Water Requirements: 350 gallons to fill holding tank; additional make-up water during operation
  • Production capacity: 25 pounds of keel per minute
  • Weight:
  • KPS: 1,800 lbs empty; 2,400 lbs full
  • PPS: 1,800 lbs empty; 2,200 lbs full