Our Prime TBC-4 Turkey Breast Cleaner (defatter) is a safe and labor-saving solution for turkey breast fat removal. The TBC-4 reduces the inconsistencies of manual trimming with a compact and customizable design that is perfect for in-line operation. We work closely with our customers and help to design and customize our equipment systems to provide you with the most efficient, safe and profitable solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Peeler rollers remove fat layer without damaging product
  • Increases safety by automating hand process
  • Improves breast trim efficiency
  • Increases breast yield with consistent cuts
  • Reduces labor costs – requires only one operator
  • Increases speeds and reduces need for knife labor down-line


  • Electrical Requirements: (1) 2 hp motor (drive), (1) 1 hp motor; (1) hp motor 3 ph, 60 Hz, 15 amps
  • Water Requirements: (1) 1/4 connection; 8.0 gpm (30.28 LPM); 60 psi
  • Optional Pump Requirements: (1) 1/2 hp pump motor, 480V, 3 ph, 60 Hz
  • Net Weight: 2,000 lbs (907 kg)
  • Production Rates:
  • Hen – Up to 30 lobes per minute
  • Tom – Up to 25 lobes per minute