The OCS-1 Overhead Turkey Cut-Up System, contains several machines that work together. The HM-1 Halver and BSC-1 Back Skin Cutter, halve turkeys and separate the front half from the back half, and send the front half to the ILBD-3T In-Line Breast Deboner. The BHP-1 Back Half Processor removes legs from spine, leaving the legs in the shackle. The LS-1 Leg Splitter Module then separates thighs from drums, dropping the thigh to a conveyor. Finally, legs are removed from the shackle with the Leg Unloader.The system is designed to pair with the ILBD-3T In-Line Breast Deboner for a fully automated cut-up solution for turkey.No other company designs, builds and delivers more equipment to the Turkey Processing Industry than Prime Equipment Group. 

Features & Benefits

  • A completely automated halving and cut-up solution
  • Separates front half from back half
  • Drops front half for transfer to ILBD-3T In-Line Breast Deboner for Turkey
  • Scores and removes spine from back half
  • Separates drum from thigh
  • Drops drum and thigh to conveyance
  • Requires no workers for maximum ROI
  • Simple design for simple M&R and ease of ownership
  • Space-saving design for ceiling or floor mount