Our Prime BSC-1 Back Skin Cutter is designed to work with the HM-Series Halver to fine-tune the location of the skin cut between the front and back halves. This allows for extra yield to remain with either half. Additionally, the BSC-1 enables the front half to be dropped at a location downline from the halver for ease of product flow.

Features & Benefits

  • Located down line from halver
  • Allows fine-tune of skin cut to increase yields
  • Can drop front half away from halver
  • Maximizes yield as desired by leaving extra skin on front half or back half
  • Eliminates wing damage and wing pinch points


  • Electrical Requirements: (1) 1 hp motor, 480 volts 
  • Water for blade: 1/4 NPT, plant pressure
  • Weight: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • Production Rate: Variable with line