FALSE. In fact, it helps preserve the food’s shape and texture. Why? Science.

Imagine a grape in your hand. Squeeze it, and splaaat. But if you were to apply pressure equally from all angles, the grape would maintain its shape. That’s how HPP works, but with pressures up to six-times greater than the Marianas Trench, which is the deepest part of the ocean.

Try it for yourself. Place a grape in a plastic bottle, fill it with water and squeeze.
FALSE. HPP is a mainstream process used by large and small food producers all around the world. Led by Dr. Errol Raghubeer, the world’s foremost expert on HPP food processing, our food scientists can help develop HPP-friendly recipes for many products. Learn more about HPP Foods, or contact an expert to begin your HPP journey.
FALSE. Our partnerships with tolling centers worldwide enable smaller producers to access HPP food technology without the logistical footprint and startup costs.
FALSE. Avure builds and maintains a wide range of machines with the highest throughput in the world – a boon for mega manufacturers.
FALSE. With the widespread global adoption of HPP technology, capital and operating costs continue to decrease. In fact, HPP can save money by reducing chemicals, scrap, recalls, transportation, consumer complaints, and costs associated with freezing and thermal processing. But most importantly, producers, retailers and consumers alike benefit from foods that last longer on shelves (reduced waste), taste better than ever and aren’t packed with chemicals.
FALSE. Avure’s food scientists can help manufacturers prepare foods that actually enhance nutrition. Learn more about Avure’s in-house food lab and Customer Center.
FALSE. Avure can modify the contents and packaging for use with HPP and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). 

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