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The new TIPPER TIE Netter TN2004 automates the process of netting and clipping products like large bone-in hams, small briskets, and formed items. Its pioneering design results in a highly productive system that, can reduce labor significantly, increase productivity and generate savings on netting materials while improving the overall product quality and consistency.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Production
    Operator or robot places product on conveyor, TN2004 does the rest to ensure each piece is netted and closed consistently.
  • Higher Output
    Auto chute change automatically indexes the empty chute to the buffer and the full chute to the run position for chute changes with virtually no wasted time
  • More Productivity
    High speed electric servo provides unmatched control of the product, higher pusher speeds, proven reliability and low service requirements
  • All New Hygienic Frame Design
    No closed tubing or hard to access areas mean everything can be quickly and effectively cleaned during sanitation.
  • Electric Infeed Conveyor
    Electric drum motor can be ramped up and down vs. the ON/OFF of an air motor. Few parts and no drive mean easy maintenance and reliability
  • Available Right and Left
    TN2004 is available as a Left- or Right-hand machine so they can be oriented to fit any layout. Machines can be oriented so one belt can feed 2 machines.
  • JBT TIPPER TIE PRoCARE® available

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 5280mm [208″]
  • Depth: 1750mm [68.75″]
  • Height: 1925-2025mm [75.75″-79.75″]
  • Speed: 12 pcs/min (start stop)
  • Supply power: 400/480 V, 30amp
  • Clip Type: Z321
  • Chute Length: 683mm (26.875”)
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Air Consumption: 15 SCFM at 12 pcs/min