JBT Rotary Weight Filler 1
Our rotary weight filler is an extremely accurate, non-contact weight filling system which minimizes product give-away. This filler handles plastic and glass bottles, plastic cups, glass jars and cans; it’s equipped with effective Clean-in-Place provisions and can be equipped with a conditioned filling space to meet hygienic filling requirements. The system can be combined with a bottle rinsing unit and a capper/sealer to form a mono-block machine, which leads to reduced footprint, faster format change-over and greater reliability. We offer these fillers in different dairy fill types in order to meet the customer’s needs in terms of shelf life (standard, high hygienic and ultraclean).
  • Highly accurate filling, minimum give away
  • Non-contact filling
  • Compact filling space
  • Up to 30,000 bottles/hour at full speed
  • Covers a wide range of high and low viscosity products
  • Reduced number of couplings to improve reliability and facilitate maintenance
  • Internal CIP system included with possibility of external CIP (ultraclean dairy fill version)
  • Increased airflow through the HEPA filters in order to prevent any ingress of ambient air

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