Our piston filler is capable of filling a broad range of pumpable products into a wide range of wide-mouth rigid and semi-rigid containers such as glass jars, cans and plastic containers.This volumetric filler accurately pre-measures the product during the upwards stroke of the piston, then fills the product into the container.It handles both high and low viscosity products, with or without particles.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly accurate filling system
  • Plug valve and piston can easily and quickly be replaced
  • Designed to accurately fill a broad range of products, with or without particles
  • Fill volume can be adjusted infinitely from zero to maximum full volume while the machine is in operation
  • Includes a full WIP/CIP-compatible guarding and a stainless steel bottom plate with collection trough and one single drainage point


  • The JBT Piston Filler is the ideal equipment to fill:
  • any liquid to viscous product
  • with or without particles (up to 25 mm)
  • into wide-mouth rigid or semi-rigid containers