Our rotary weight filler is an extremely accurate, non-contact weight filling system which minimizes product give-away. This filler handles plastic and glass bottles, plastic cups, glass jars and cans; it’s equipped with effective Clean-in-Place provisions and can be equipped with a conditioned filling space to meet hygienic filling requirements. The system can be combined with a bottle rinsing unit and a capper/sealer to form a mono-block machine, which leads to reduced footprint, faster format change-over and greater reliability. We offer these fillers in different dairy fill types in order to meet the customer’s needs in terms of shelf life (standard, high hygienic and ultraclean).

Features & Benefits

  • Highly accurate filling, minimum give away
  • Non-contact filling
  • Compact filling space
  • Up to 30,000 bottles/hour at full speed
  • Covers a wide range of high and low viscosity products
  • Reduced number of couplings to improve reliability and facilitate maintenance
  • Internal CIP system included with possibility of external CIP (ultraclean dairy fill version)
  • Increased airflow through the HEPA filters in order to prevent any ingress of ambient air


  • JBT Rotary Fillers can handle a wide range of high and low viscosity products. From fruit drinks and sauces to several types of dairy drinks. Our expertise will help your company perform more efficiently than ever before.

Options & Models

  • Preci fill™ – Designed for a broad range of products and bottles, minimizing give-away.
  • High Hygienic Dairy fill™ – This execution features a stainless steel roof and a Hepa filter to provide the filling section with a constant supply of sterile air.
  • Ultraclean Dairy fill™ – This execution features an extra small filling zone (to minimize the risk of contamination) and self-draining surfaces. The sterile air system has additional features that maintain a constant down flow to prevent unfiltered ambient air from entering.