Great food processing technology makes a great business model. Whether you’re a grower, co-packer, manufacturer, or entrepreneur, hpp tolling opens up a whole new world of in-demand, clean label, fresh and delicious hpp processed juices and foods. With the highest annual output and lowest cost of ownership, Avure machines are also your partner in driving profits.

A cold pasteurization method, HPP destroys listeria and other dangerous pathogens without destroying the flavor and texture of foods. And, it boosts the shelf life of products, like juices and meats, by up to three times. Learn more about how HPP works.

These benefits have food manufacturers large and small searching far and wide for HPP. As an HPP toller, you’ll help them grow their businesses, while growing yours in a field that’s rapidly expanding as retailers and consumers demand fresh, healthy products with a longer shelf life.

Why toll with Avure?

  1. Profit. There’s a reason more than 60% (and growing) of the world’s HPP-treated food is produced on Avure’s HPP machines. With the highest output equipment, our tolling partners minimize operating costs and downtime, and guarantee availability for their customers around the clock.
  2. Reliability. In tolling, reliability is everything. Our machines aren’t just faster. They’re built better, require fewer spare parts, and need less maintenance. That means no late nights with tech support. But should an emergency pop up, we’re a phone call or flight away.
  3. In-house food science. We invented the first commercial HPP machine. Now we’re advancing the industry with food science. Located in Northern Kentucky, our team will help adapt your customer’s recipes for HPP to perfect taste, texture and safety. And because of their many years of experience, they can solve any problem fast, or help create new HPP offerings. They have yet to be stumped, but we encourage you to try.
  4. The relationship. You might be thinking “machines are machines,” and we hear you. When you succeed, we succeed. From food science to 24/7 global support to even writing blog articles or tweets about your company, we’re committed to growing your business and HPP as a whole. Visit our blog to hear from tollers who started just like you. 

What HPP tolling offers your customers

  • HPP without hefty start-up costs. It’s the perfect solution for manufacturers who need HPP, but aren’t ready to purchase their own equipment yet.
  • A clean label. HPP eliminates chemicals and preservatives while maintaining freshness and taste. Typically, clean labels mean higher margins.
  • Growth into new markets. With HPP’s expanded shelf life capabilities, regional manufacturers can expand distribution to national, big-box retailers.
  • Brand protection. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy your HPP customers a good night’s sleep with HPP’s ability to crush dangerous pathogens and prevent costly recalls.

More Information 

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