Formerly known as the Northfield SuperTrak Structure Supported Freezer, the CleanFREEZE freezer represents advanced innovation in the high volume freezing, chilling and cooling of a wide range of both packaged and individual quick freeze (IQF) food products. The CleanFREEZE freezer gives food processors the sanitary design, superior performance and easy maintenance they’ve come to expect from JBT. 

Features & Benefits

  • Sanitary design provides peace of mind
  • Designed for speed, efficiency and reliability
  • Externally-mounted fan motors and stairs instead of ladders – for easier, safer maintenance


  • Fully welded enclosure, minimal overlapping joints, an open profile frame and sloped surfaces minimize bacteria traps
  • Capless, solid plastic rails reduce bacterial harborage areas in the product zone
  • Externally-mounted fan motors eliminate contact with products for better hygiene
  • Uptime is optimized with a cold-to-cold turnaround time of four hours
  • Installation time is reduced by up to 30% from previous models

Options & Models

  • Add JBT’s Clean-in-Place technology to CleanFREEZE and immediately cut labor costs and achieve greater plant efficiency.