We launched impingement freezing in the 1990’s because food processors were looking for a cost-effective alternative to cryogenic freezing of hamburger patties.  Since then we have found numerous applications for this method of fast freezing.  Our impingement freezing technology utilizes thousands of high velocity jets of air directed at the top and bottom surfaces of the product. This impinging action literally blasts away the boundary layer of air resulting in extremely fast freezing times which leads to higher quality product, minimal dehydration losses, and maximum yield at a fraction of the cost of cryogenic systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel mesh belt
  • Stainless steel construction including floor and belt drive and insulated enclosure panels
  • Single or double belt configurations with variable belt speeds up to 80+ fpm.


  • Designed specifically for quick and complete freezing or crust freezing of thin products
  • Fully modular design with pre-manufactured modules for quick installation and start-up
  • Module lengths from 15.5 ft. up to 62 ft. ( 1 to 4 modules)
  • Galvanized steel evaporator coils

Options & Models

  • Models:
  • ADVANTEC 1250 – Single 49 in. or dual 24.5 in. parallel stainless steel mesh belt
  • ADVANTEC 1850 – Single 70 in. or dual 35.5 in. parallel stainless steel mesh belt
  • ADVANTEC CC – Compact Chiller – ideal for surface stabilization prior to deli products slicing operations
  • Options:
  • Stainless steel tube and aluminum fin heat exchanger
  • Frost Management extended run time package
  • Integrated wash down system