Our Frigoscandia FPF Flat Products Freezer was engineered to help hamburger patty producers improve profits by cutting freezing costs in half while maintaining quality and growth objectives. Using a process we call impingement freezing, our Frigoscandia Flat Products Freezer is a linear, mechanical style freezer that utilizes thousands of high velocity jets of air directed at the top and bottom of the product. This impinging action blasts away the boundary layer of air resulting in extremely fast freezing at a fraction of the cost of cryogenic tunnels.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design from 2 to 8 pre-manufactured modules to meet a wide range of production needs.
  • Module length 13.55 ft. – (Minimum impingement zone of 27.1 ft. to maximum of 108.1 ft.)
  • Dual parallel stainless steel mesh belts (usable belt width of 27.5 in. per belt)
  • Stainless steel tube and aluminum fin heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel floor and belt drive
  • Internally welded stainless steel enclosure panels
  • Patented low volume refrigerant feed (LVS) system


  • Designed specifically for freezing two raw hamburger lines into one freezer eliminating the need for high cost cryogenic gas systems.
  • Product Yield – Low dehydration results in a more juicier, tender product than cryogenic systems
  • Hygiene- by-Design – stainless steel freezing zone, rounded corners and sloped surfaces reduces risk of bacteria build-up
  • Superior Product Handling – product is frozen completely flat and perfectly aligned with no product transfers during the freezing process

Options & Models

  • Options:
  • Stainless steel finish caulked enclosure panels
  • Integrated wash down system
  • ELT Extremely Low Temperature refrigeration system (100°F)