Product Category

TIPPER TIE’s TCV and TCNV are versatile clippers providing one-step closing and clipping of bags and casings for a variety of products including meats, cheeses and poultry products.  The clippers accommodate a wide range of products, from small poultry, packaging to fibrous, collagen, plastic and bulky animal casings. The operator applies a strong and secure closure with a single, smooth motion.   

Features & Benefits


  • These clippers accommodate a wide range of products, from sausage, meats ,whole poultry products,live fish, surimi/sausage paste, netted shellfish, pet food, cheese blocks, nut paste/butter, and absorbents
  • Attained highest hygiene and safety standards; example, European Machinery Directive and Clipping Machine Norm EN13885

Options & Models

  • Loop feeder for sausage production 
  • Cut-off Knife for straight, attractive casing ends 
  • Air driven for Price control over clip closure pressure 
  • Horizontal configuration for special applications and liquids
  • TCV106 available in special design with label feeder that attaches label under clip during sealing to prevent mis-identification